Space NTNU Startup Support

Space NTNU already has 3 startups. Do you want to be number 4?

As a Space NTNU Startup we will get you in contact with the right people!

Space NTNU is working closely with the ESA Business Incubation Center, and if you become a Space NTNU startup we will put you in direct contact with them. You will also benefit from being a part of the Space NTNU Startup Network, where you will get to know the ins and outs of starting and running a space startup.

As a Space NTNU Startup you will get free access to post jobs and theses through our website

You will get to post “tasks” that you need help with to our Space Opportunities Portal. Your tasks can be a bachleor thesis, or even a full time jobs. In the portal you will be exposed to some of the brightest and most motivated students at NTNU, with a true passion for space

Space NTNU Startup Support will support you in your quest for funding

Space NTNU has experience with acquiring funding for different projects. If you need help to finance a summer intership, or you need financial support for a master thesis, Space NTNU Startup Support will be there for you.

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