Space NTNU

Board of Directors

Portrettbilde Håvard

Håvard Hellang


A student of economics with a past in the humanities. With an interest in books from a young age, a fascination with science fiction developed into a fascination with space and the space industry. His greatest interest lies with the amazing humans that makes space possible, and the fascinating systems that back them up, both organizational and economical. With today’s developments and the growing commercial space sector there is a lot to be excited about.

5th year Student

Iacob Nedreaas

Vice president

As children we all have surrealistic dreams and fantasy jobs that we all grow out of, but not Iacob. Since he was young, he has wanted to become an astronaut. This dream has pushed him towards astrophysics where he can study astrological phenomena, even on earth. In school his good math skills solidified his path to become an astrophysicist. In Space NTNU he hopes to make the space industry bigger and more profitable so he can one day become part of it.

4th year Physics Student

Kristin Skuterud

Event Manager

Currently studying communications technology while dreaming about using that knowledge to work within the space sector in Norway. Having had a fascination with all things space-related all her life, she hopes to fulfill that childhood dream when her time as a student is up.

4th year Communications Technology and Digital Security Student

Tord Nordhasli

Digital marketing manager

A current member of Space NTNU. Looking up at the sky makes you wonder if there are others out there thinking the same. With endless galaxies to explore, one could never grow bored of space. His dream is to one day get a Norwegian flag to Mars, or even beyond.

2nd year Marine Technology Student

Erlend Sandblåst

PODcast manager

At a young age he was always fascinated with space. He comes from a rural place with low light pollution, which resulted in a perfect opportunity to gaze at the endlessness of space. Every course that made him understand the world around him such as physics, math and science has sparked a deeper love for both technology and space. His goal is that Norway becomes a bigger space nation and wants to inform and inspire the Norwegian people to reach this goal.

4th year Student

Podcast Crew

Alexey Gusev

Mentor & podcast co-host

Computer science engineer specialized in software systems and autonomous vehicles. He appreciates the beauty of science, and its applications in space. After seeing Sputnik and the Souyz rockets in real life he has dreamt of working within space. His goal is to get the Norwegian space sector to new heights and maybe even out in the outer cosmos.


Oscar Arne

Space news host

Cnc-operator turned student on a mission to expand his knowledge and education in order to pursue his dream of working with Space technology. From a young age he was interested in spaceships and the adventure of the vast unknown. And wants you to join him on the adventure.

1st year Student

Portrettbilde Simen

Simen Sigvaldsen

SOUND Technician

His interest for the universe started at an early age with the dream of flying a convertible concord in space. More recently that dream has become a more modest interest in space and physics. Now he is volunteering as test engineer at Orbit NTNU and studies physics with a clear path towards astrophysics, infinity and beyond.

1st year Physics Student

Portrettbilde Tobias

Tobias Vevang


Has had an interest for human activities in space for many years. Through NTNU Space he combines this with his deep interest in video and photography work.

1st year Student

Marketing & Communication

Adrian Tomren

CIO and WEBDesigner

He has always had an interest in the vastness of space and humankinds desire to explore it. He currently studies cybernetics and robotics, and has worked as an automatician with industrial robots prior to his studies at NTNU. His dream is to combine these interests,  and work with robots on other planets.

2nd year Cybernetics and Robotics Student

Pantea Joobanian

Graphic Designer

Computer science student that used to carry around a big book about space wherever she went at elementary school.
Her childhood dream was to work with anything space related
and to be the first to befriend alien life.

4th year Computer Science Student

Yoon Chang

digital marketing

Her knowledge of marketing and communications, combined with the love for sharing her knowledge to people, combines her passion about being a member og Space NTNU.

Marketing and Management

Julie Klingenberg

graphic designer

Electrical engineering student, with specialization in automation. She grew up with an observatory in the garage and joined many late nights to look up at the stars. This awoke her interest in space, especially astronomy. One of her biggest dreams is to work in the space sector, either in Norway or abroad, to promote and develop the space industry.


Event Management

Adrian Larsen

event member

In high school is where Adrians peaking interests got manifested, that is physics and Doctor Who! Sadly as there is no study program about the intecracies of the BBC-produced tv show, the choice landed on physics. The reason he wanted to join space NTNU all together originated from the border between reality and science-fiction. Maybe sometime far in the future, NTNU offers subjects where you grow time travelling police boxes in which you can explore the universe with. One can only dream…

4th year Biophysics and Medical Techonology Student

Portrettbilde Kristine

Kristine Heier

event member

Having always had a passion for science, space and math, Kristine is currently studying physics and mathematics. She was inspired to do astrophysics and cosmology when she read “A brief history of time” by Stephen Hawking in 9th grade, and has been hooked ever since.

1st year Physics and Mathematics Student

Portrettbilde Sander

Sander Aarli

event member

In 2011 the game Kerbal Space Program was released for all to behold, and he was immediately hooked. A game about rockets and orbital mechanics is difficult to grasp for a young boy, so Youtube tutorials were used extensively, which inevitably led to a rabbit hole of space videos. Thus, a passion was born. Currently studying material science, he hopes to one day work in the space industry, were his passion and education combine.

2nd year Materials Technology Student

Marcus Nordeng Moulia

Key account manager

Being fascinated by space since childhood, Marcus jumped at the opportunity to join Space NTNU. Now being responsible for their economy, building long-term strategic partnerships, and working towards finally making Space NTNU economically sustainable.

1st year Industrial Economics and Technology Management Student