Spacepodden is Space NTNU’s very own podcast! Guests ranging from political figures, to top heads in the Norwegian space industry, scientists and others. Our podcast aims to be relevant for everyone!

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Erlend A. Sandblåst

podcast host

At a young age he was always fascinated with space. He comes from a rural place with low light pollution, which resulted in a perfect opportunity to gaze at the endlessness of space. Every course that made him understand the world around him such as physics, math and science has sparked a deeper love for both technology and space. His goal is that Norway becomes a bigger space nation and wants to inform and inspire the Norwegian people to reach this goal.                        

Alexey Gusev

podcast co-host

Computer science engineer specialized in software systems and autonomous vehicles. He appreciates the beauty of science, and its applications in space. After seeing Sputnik and the Souyz rockets in real life he has dreamt of working within space. His goal is to get the Norwegian space sector to new heights and maybe even out in the outer cosmos.             

A slideshow displaying everyhing there is to see about Spacepodden. A lot of work and dedication is needed for the production level this podcast strives for. Everything is done by talented students volunteering their own free time to make it happen!

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