Space News is Space NTNU’s very own weekly newscast, delivering big and small news about everything space related.

The episodes are only 15 minutes long, so that you can get updated on space while commuting to school or work!

Jarle Steinberg

SPace news HOST

Currently studying systems engineering for space applications in Canada and volunteering as a system engineer at Orbit NTNU. He is deeply passionate about the future in space and follows the development of new and existing rockets and space missions. Jarle is well-informed within the space news universe and wishes to share his knowledge with others, via these weekly 15-minute news broadcasts.

Erlend A. Sandblåst


Erlend is the manager, host and co-founder of Spacepodden and wants to contribute within Space News as well. His goal is that Norway becomes a bigger space nation and wants to inform and inspire the Norwegian people to reach this goal.

Alexey Gusev

SPACE NEWS co-host

Alexey is the co-host and co-founder of Spacepodden. His goal is to get the Norwegian space sector to new heights and maybe even out in the outer cosmos.